What's the problem?

Interracial Marriage is a form of exogamy, where marriage is outside a specific tribe or similar social unit. Whether it is constitutional or not to marry someone that is from a different race than you are

is the controversial issue.

Who does it affect?

In the Men-Section 182 of Constitution of Alabama, it disenfranchised all “idiots and insane persons”, men who interracially married and those convicted of “crime against nature” (homosexuality), are the people mainly affected. Any two people of different race who are emotionally attached and want to get married are affected by the interracial marriage issue.

When did the issue become a part of the national dialogue?
This became a part of the national dialogue when Miscegenation laws first came to the U.S 1863, which comes from the Latin Root “to mix”

In what geographic area are people most affected?
Although people can be affected across the country, the southern states are the ones mainly affected.

graph.pngU.S States, by the date of repeal of anti-
miscegenation laws:
No laws passed (gray)
Repealed before 1887 (green)
Repealed from 1948 to 1967 (yellow)
Overturned on 12 June 1967 (red)

What interesting facts did you come across in your research that is important to share?
In 1883, interracial extramarital sex was deemed a felony, and Extramarital sex was a misdemeanor. Also, this graph is very interesting because this shows that the anti-miscegenation laws were repealed at different times within different states.

How has the issue united or divided people?
Interracial marriage can unite people by strengthening the species and allowing a couple to compensate for their race's weaknesses in the next generation. Not only those, people can step out of their comfort zone and be different. This allows couples to fall in love despite their skin color or race, which can unite people together. Although interracial marriage can unite people, others can be divided as well. Families of the interracial marriage couple can be divided due to different beliefs and if the family is accepting or not.


How does this issue connect to the Constitution?

The issues within the cases have been brought to courts and then further brought to the constitution. In the Pace vs. Alabama, the Supreme Court ruled that the miscegenation laws are constitutional (1883). In the McLaughlin vs. Florida and Loving vs. Virginia, the Supreme Court made miscegenation law unconstitutional (1964), which ruled in the interracial couples favor. Interracial marriage connects to the Constitution because the fourteenth amendment guarantees equal protection of all citizens. If a person wants to marry a person from a different race, then they should have equal rights to marry who they want. Additionally, in the first amendment, people have the freedom to express themselves in any way they want. If people want to express themselves by marrying someone from a different race, then they should be able to.

What Supreme Court decisions have been decided which affect your issue?
Pace vs. Alabama made miscegenation law constitutional (1883)
McLaughlin vs. Florida also made miscegenation law unconstitutional (1964)
Loving vs. Virginia made miscegenation law unconstitutional (1967)

How does this affect Celebrities?