Who gets to decide what types of marriages are allowed from state to state?
(What is the difference between civil unions and legal marriages, and why do some states allow civil unions but not legal marriages?)

Civil Union:
A legally recognized union Denmark (1989, provide same-sex couples rights, benefits, and responsibilities)
Legal Union of one man and one women


Don’t Ask don’t tell (intensify, 1940’s)
Some believe homosexuality is something that could be changed, rather than a born trait
Some believe practice of homosexuality violates deep-seated religious convictions

When becomes national dialogue?:
1st became legal in 2004- Ma
After civil war society began to become regulated against gay people
President Eisenhower denounced gays in 1953

Who it affects:
Homosexual Couples, people against gay rights, government leaders


Geographic area most affected:
US, Canada, Africa, Europe

Where it is affected:
██ Same-sex marriage1
██ Unions granting rights similar to marriage1,2
██ Legislation granting limited/enumerated rights1
██ Same-sex marriages performed elsewhere recognized1
██ No specific prohibition or recognition of same-sex marriages or unions
██ Statute bans same-sex marriage
██ Constitution bans same-sex marriage
██ Constitution bans same-sex marriage and some or all other kinds of same-sex unions

How it unites/divides:
Equal Access Act protects students against bullying at school.
March 2004, Rhea County, Tennessee
commissioners tried to ban homosexuals from living in the county, but later backed down after intense opposition.
In the work force:
Discrimination based on sexual orientation or assumed sexual orientation
Verbal abuse from co-workers and supervisors
Fired despite sterling work records.
Many people are working together to get laws passed against discrimination in the work place. Dozens of states already have laws preventing discrimination in the work place.
Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

1st Amendment (Freedom of speech and expression)


Marriage never defined until 1996
Only recognized at state level. Defense of Marriage Act (prevents fed.Recognition)
-Baker V. Nelson (Minn. 1971)
Vermont Supreme Court rules excluding same-sex couples from benefits of marriage violates states constitution
-Dean V. D.C. (1995)
District of Columbia appeals court rules that D.C. doesn’t recognize same sex marriages, only uphold marriage between men and women
-Lewis V. Harris (11/5/03)
New Jersey court rules that its state doesn’t recognize same sex marriage
-Sandhardt V. Superior Court (Ariz. 2003)
Arizona appeals court rules individuals don’t have constitutional right to enter same sex marriage in Arizona

Current Standing:
March 2004 Poll- Los Angeles Times: Public become more accepting and tolerant of gays and lesbians on most issues (59% agree same sex
marriage was “inevitable” – 57% same sex relationship against “god’s will)
6th state to recognize civil unions (Gov. Pat Quinn made decision)
Illinois Religious Freedom Protection and Civil Union Act
1st to pass without lawsuit
-Civil Unions:
Cali. Nev. NJ. Oreg. Wash.:
-After legalizing civil unions, legalized gay marriages
Vermont, NH. Conn.:
-NY and Maryland:
Don’t issue Marriage Licenses but they recognize rights of gay couples who have unions in other states


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